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Splash Of White

This was shot while on a boat in Estero Bay in Florida. It’s part of the Gulf of Mexico.

I just like this photo. The way the white buildings just dominate a mostly blue image is kinda cool. Visually it isn’t that most stealler thing but the way the colors work make it interesting to me.

One of the things I have learned while while living in Florida and I new it would apply to Thailand is that the tropical sun in harsh. To combat this I purchased a large number polarizing filters to work with the my neutral density filters. The polarizers really help cut down on the harsher light. The other trick if I don’t have a ND filter is to just turn down the exposure compensation by a stop or so and you can get some very good images out of a camera even in the worst light.

This image is more or less out of the camera. I cranked the contrast but saw no need to dodge and burn. Just used gradients. I then wanted to spice it up a bit and put it through Intensify. Picked a preset and was very pleased so I just left it without masking it in. Hit saved.


Spash of White

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I like the photo! With the very blue sky and the blue water of the Gulf, the buildings look like they are standing in the water. One thing you do not see is the heat of the day. The heat in the middle of the water on the boat, was so hot. I enjoyed.

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