Down The Platform

Down The Platform

This image is from the train platform at the station where I took the train down to Florida with all my worldly possessions.

This is my first post from Thailand. I really live here now which is bit surreal. It was something I had been planning for a long time and now it’s a reality. So hello from Thailand.

To edit this image I had to setup computer that I do edits on. This meant hooking up the external drives and my Wacom tablet. When I lived in America I used a 6 outlet adapter and figured why not do it again here in Thailand. Most things are built for 110/220 volts. I was a bit wrong in that.

I plugged in the adapter and the next thing I knew there was an explosion and all electricity was lost. This meant calling the building people and explaining the issue to them. After finally getting someone who understood breaker I was shown the panel and I quickly flipped the breaker. I did neglect to tell them I was the root cause of all that fun.

My next joy was trying to find the right power cord for my external drive that holds all my photos. The drive would turn on but it would not boot. So I finally found that and there was a result. I was now able to edit my photos again.

Good times learning to live in another country while pulling your life out of suitcases and figuring out where everything goes.

Editing this was straightforward. Did the usual Lightroom and Photoshop. I wanted it lower key just because I think it adds a bit of drama but otherwise the camera did most of the work. Gotta say, for a cheap consumer camera the Nikon D5500 is a hell of a camera.


Down the platform

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  1. Your train station photo is nice. Your adventure with getting it on your blog was an adventure on its own. Too bad you could not shoot that and place in your blog. Glad you are up and running.

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