Clouds Above The Beach

Shot this yesterday while I was out on Estero Bay. The beach was on the entry from the bay to the Gulf of Mexico.

I took my Nikon D5500 out with my Sigma 17-80 and a polarizer. Wasn’t planning on doing anything serious but the clouds in the sky were interesting. Sadly the weather was hotter than the surface of the sun so I wisely sat under the shade of the canopy on the boat. No interest in coming in sunburnt. The day finished up when a storm was rolling in off the Gulf of Mexico and drove the boat back to the dock and ┬ácalled it a day.

Editing wasn’t much of anything. Did my usual workflow. Then added contract in Photoshop and then did a quick crop there. With the polarizer I had turn down the blue a bit because it was a too much. Once I was done hit save and done.


Clouds Above The Beach

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  1. I know that photo. We were there fishing. So very hot in SW Florida at this time of the year. It was so hot, only the cat fish were willing to bite but, we did catch a Star Fish and a strange looking crab. All were returned to the water. I enjoyed.

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