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Temple Wall

This is a shot from the inside of the Sanctuary of Truth. I never published it before because I didn’t think I could make a decent image out of it.

When I took this images and all the images the last time I was at the Sanctuary of Truth I was using adapted Sony Alpha lenses. They were cheaper stuff I picked up off of eBay or other places so I could have some glass to use with my then new Sony A7R. I was still invested in the Olympus micro four-thirds stuff and the A7R was me using a full frame sensor again. It was also the reason I sold all my Olympus gear and moved to full frame for the most part.

The downside of using cheaper, adapted glass was that it was older and tended to have flare and chromatic aberration. It wasn’t the best stuff but when you are in the process of considering a system change the last thing you want to do is invest a ton of money in glass. In the end I sold all that stuff and bought all native gear and even ditched my micro four-thirds stuff completely and went with a Nikon D810. Now I have 3 full frame cameras and one crop sensor. How things change in 2 years.

This image was shot for HDR using 3 exposures. The more I work with HDR the more I know 3 exposures aren’t the best way to go for a lot of things. So this was done with just one exposure using Aurora 2017. Once I had the photo finished with my basic workflow I just went to Aurora 2017 and started to crank sliders until I was happy. Brought it back into Photoshop for a bit of dodging and burning and called it done.


Temple Wall

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