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Fountain Fun

This was taken at Meadowlark Gardens in the early Spring when I was out wandering around with my camera.

I have shot a similar image before of just the fountain. This time I just handheld the camera and watched the shutter speed. With the sunlight being as bright as it was it wasn’t a big deal to freeze the water coming off the fountain.

The Nikon D5500 is one of those cameras you don’t really need a tripod with because you can handhold it very stable due to the size. It’s a tiny camera even compared to the mirrorless offerings out there. So it’s a real joy to shoot with when you don’t want to lug a lot of gear around.

This was a straightforward edit. Used my normal workflow. Most of the work was doing with dodging and burning. Once I was happy hit save.


Fountain Fun

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I have always liked the ponds with the Eco fountain. It would have been nice to see some ducks enjoying the water. The surroundings reflect an early Spring with the trees budding forth for summer. Meadowlark Gardens must be a very nice place to enjoy nature. I enjoyed.

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