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Bridge On The James River

I snapped this from a train as we were going over the James River just outside Richmond. I know this because the conductor announced it.

I took a train to Florida as I needed to bring my car with me. This was the first overnight train journey I have ever taken. I have done trains to New York City but those were short journeys of 3 to 4 hours no more. It was an interesting journey. I had a private cabin and it was rather more civil than air travel. You didn’t have to deal with security or anything else. The food much better. Would highly recommend train travel is time isn’t an issue.

Editing this was a bit of a pain. It was shot through glass which wasn’t the cleanest. The light wasn’t perfect but I still liked the image. I just used gradients to get as much detail out of the sky and river as I could. Then I used local adjustments with dodging and burning to get as much recovery as possible.


James River

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I like the photo of the bridge across the James River. I like the sun shining down on the water. The clouds are heavy but the sun poked through and danced on the water. We used to stay at a campground on the James River with our young family. Lots of good memories. I enjoyed.

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