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Park Bridge

This is a bridge at Meadowlark Gardens. There are a few of them over the various ponds in the park.

This is just a random shot I took while I was playing with the Nikon D5500. I didn’t go with any real plan to Meadowlark Gardens. I shot the limited shots I wanted and then just took a wander.

The one thing I regretted was not having a polarizing filter on my lens. I could not find it before I left for the shoot. In all things, as I returned I found the filter. But that is how many things are.

Editing wise nothing fancy. Just gradients and camera filters. Then I brought it into the Photoshop and used curves for tone and contrast. I wanted a bit more so brought it into Aurora 2017 and bumped up the HDR settings but its so slight most would not recognize it.


Park Bridge

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This bridge looks like a good spot to cast a line. I love to fish and know one can not fish in the pond it is inviting with all of the trees awaking from their winter sleep and showing off their beautiful colors. It is a very peaceful place to visit. I enjoyed.

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