Splashes of Color

Shot this in April at Brookside Gardens on a visit there. I went there with a new camera and to shoot something else but ended up doing a few series over a few days.

I indicated I was shooting a bunch of stuff. So when it came to edit I just went ahead and picked out some images that show splashes of color. These just broke up the predominate color hence the title.

I have no idea what any these plants are. I was just walking around taking photos and doing my thing. Mainly working with the Nikon D5500 to learn how to use the camera. Which I am coming to enjoy as a camera. It’s light and a lot of fun to shoot with and you get excellent picture quality out of it.

Editing these was straight in Lightroom with camera profiles. Then using gradients to change the focus. Once in Photoshop I added overall tone and contrast. Then it was just dodging and burning.


One thought on “Splashes of Color”

  1. I love the flower power! The Red Bud trees are so pretty. They were the first blooms you saw in the mountains of WV. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. The new flowers, the baby animals being born. It is a time of renewal. To me, the best season of the year. I enjoyed.

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