View At Meadowlark Gardens

Shot this in April I believe on a visit to Meadowlark Gardens. Just liked the bench and how it looked out on the water and the trees.

Like the photo from yesterday I was still out playing with the Nikon D5500 with my Sigma 24-105 on it. It was just a wander around playing with the camera and getting to know it.

I never read manuals with a camera. I attempted this with my Nikon D810 but promptly bailed on the book I bought for the purpose. It was just too much of the same thing. I stick with my it’s a camera, can’t be that hard to figure out. Plus if I get stumped I can always look up something on the internet.

Editing wise this was just out of the camera. I did add overall tone and contrast in Photoshop. I added a bit of pop using Aurora 2017 and then hit save and done.


View At Meadowlark Gardens

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  1. I like the photo of the Spring Gardens in Meadowlark Gardens. I think Spring is the prettiest seasons of the year. Mother Nature wakes from her winter sleep and the colors of the flowers, trees, grass are such a welcome site after the cold, wet winter. I enjoyed.

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