Spirit Tree

This one is from Thailand that I shot a few years ago. Was a spirit tree along the beach.

This is not an uncommon sight in Thailand. There are lots of trees like this with offerings around it. They are called spirit trees because the Thais believe a local spirit lives in the tree and to keep it happy small offerings are made to it.

Many people mistake Buddhism is tied back to the Dali Lama. Far from it. There are many sects of Buddhism and they all have a Grand Patriarch. There are a few sects within Thailand itself. While the local monks may not go with the spirit tree stuff the typical Thai does. You will see offerings made to rocks and trees all over the place. You will also see small houses in front of most place along within restaurants. These are spirit houses to keep the people that lived there before happy. It goes back to animist beliefs from however long ago. Thai’s also have a deep connection with the Hindu faith as well. You will see lots of Ganesh status floating around and getting offerings as well. It’s just part and parcel of being in Thailand.

This is a HDR image but it doesn’t look it. I brought the image into Aurora 2017 and then just played with sliders until happy. Then back into Photoshop for some dodging and burning and called it done.


Spirit Tree


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  1. The Spirit Tree is very interesting. This one has many forms of offerings on or around it. Hard to write my thoughts on the Spirit tree. If some of the Thai people believe that a local spirit lives in the tree and they must give gifts to keep it happy then that is a comfort to them. I have learned so much through the eyes of the photographer and the bit of history behind the photo. I always enjoy!

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