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Beach Path

This is a pathway to Jomtein Beach in Thailand. I took it a couple years ago when I first got my Sony A7R. I was using some adapted Tokina lens because I didn’t have any native FE lenses at the time.

For years I never really ventured to the Jomtein area. This was a result of me not having a motorbike and be terrified of riding in Thailand. Over the years as I got more adventurous I wandered off the beaten path. Not that Jomtein is unknown. I just now had a mode of transport opening up where I could go without public transportation.

This was my first trip that I learned to ride with my gear on my back. Usually that mean a camera bag with a camera and one lens along wth my tripod hooked through the bag. Good times learning to weave through traffic while worrying about your tripod leg coming loose and smashing into a car.

Editing this I wanted it to be about the path and the light coming in from the beach. So I did the normal workflow and then promptly brought it into Photoshop then into Aurora 2017. I just played with sliders until I was happy like normal. Some dodging and burning and a bit of a color adjustment and called it done.


Beach Path

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The entrance to the beach is different than I have ever seen. I do not understand the paver pathway? I am sure there is a logical reasons for them. The plants on each side of the pathway are very nice. I am sure the water was inviting, since it is very hot in Thailand. I enjoyed.

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