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Chicago Skyline

Shot this in Chicago last year when I visited the Navy Pier. I can’t tell you what part of Chicago this is since I don’t know the city that well but rest assured, it is Chicago.

There is something cool about a cityscape. You get all sorts of cool lights going on in the image. It helps when the sky cooperates and you get some nice light to make everything look good. It was taken at the phase between golden hour and blue hour. The clouds looked like rain but it didn’t happen. It just got a bit windy and the next day it rained.

This is a HDR image. I am learning to do just single image HDR’s. I find that I get better results without merging all three of the images together. You don’t have to worry about the weird HDR artifacts that occur when you try and do 3 shots together. It’s a much cleaner file to work with. So I have found myself doing more of these edits because I genuinely like HDR but just hate the mess that the software makes.

My workflow now for HDR is do my camera defaults in Lightroom then take the file into Photoshop. I discovered that Aurora 2017 won’t take the Lightroom edits. So by bringing it into Photoshop it will do that. It isn’t an extra step because I end up doing the final file in Photoshop anyways.

When I have the file in Aurora 2017 I just play with sliders. I honestly just keep messing about until I am happy. I have no idea how the image is going to turnout. Once I’m happy it’s back into Photoshop. I do local dodging and burning to fix some issues and then call it done.


Chicago Skyline

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Since I am not a photographer, I do not know about the blue and golden hour. I know that I do love, that sky with the dark and the golden clouds. The skyscrapers with the golden looking lights and the river that shimmers with the lights. It adds up to a very beautiful photo I enjoyed.

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