Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

This was taken in Portland last year. After going through the images I found a few more that I figured I wanted to process.

I remember the day I took this because it was cold and grey. I was up before dawn and doing long exposures while the sky was still dark. As it got light I just kept pressing on and shooting not knowing what I was going to get out of it. Happy I did.

I have discovered that days like this, with moody skies make for great black and white images. You can really bring out the sky and other details. It takes the need for good light out of the equation and you still have a very nice image.

Did my usual post processing in Lightroom then into Photoshop then quickly into Tonality for the black and white conversion. I just use sliders until I’m happy. I can’t tell you specifically what I did. I just start playing until it looks good.

Once I was happy it was back into Photoshop for local dodging and burning. Then hit save and was done.



One thought on “Sweet Spot

  1. I must admit it is a very nice photo and it does bring out the drama in the sky. The sun is trying to burst through those clouds but dawn is come regardless of the weather. I am not a morning person but when I catch the morning waking up, the sky with the sun nudging its way up over the horizon, the birds chattering and the flowers paying attention that it is time to bring forth their beauty for it is a new beginning again. It is truly a wonder to behold. I enjoyed.

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