Splash Of Color

Splash Of Color

This is the sky wheel at National Harbor in Maryland. I spent the last week working on the opposite side of the river and could see it so I revisited the images I took earlier and found this one.

I have seen skywheels in a lot of places I have traveled to. I’ll let everyone in on a dirty secret. I have never actually been on one. Not because I have a fear of heights or whatever. I’m basically too cheap to pay whatever fee they want to go around in those things. The one chance I had to do one for free was in Vegas and I was out doing a night shoot so I missed my opportunity.

There may be one in my future. I am planning on heading to Thailand later this year and I see there is one in Bangkok. It’s only 300 Baht (like $9 US) for a shared gondola or 1000 ($30 US) Baht for 2 person private so I might ride it. I just hate Bangkok with a passion but I might be convinced to go with friends at some point.

This image is HDR. It was done off a single image. In fact, all the images this week were HDR except the Portland one but I cranked it to the point it was HDR-ish.

When I went to edit I loaded it up in Aurora 2017 and then just played with sliders until happy. Then it was into Photoshop for some local dodging and burning. I then desaturated the rocks because of the blue was bleeding into them and I wanted them to stand out a bit more. So I did that with the desaturation brush. After that I spend copious amount of time cleaning the water of crap that was floating in it. Normally I’m rather lazy but I just went ahead and did it because the debris was just too distracting.


National Harbor Sky Wheel

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  1. I love your sky wheels. I remember the one we saw in Florida near your conference. It seems so many Sky Wheels these days. I have not taken a ride on one for years. I like the reflection the lights of the wheel has made in the water. I enjoyed!

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