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Three From DC

This is the third post in the one off image series I am doing this week. This is the Declaration of Independence Memorial. Least according to the map I looked at.

You can see it’s getting darker or I’m making the image lower key. One way or the other it fits the mood. I honestly just liked the sunset and the ducks floating on the water. Honestly the water isn’t that deep. It would be well below the knees of the average person if you were to stand in it. The ducks and geese seem to enjoy it and hang out there. Then again, they have figured out its easy food since they constantly get fed.

Nothing fancy again edit wise. Just straight up Lightroom into Photoshop. Did some local work and called it done.


Declaration of Independence Memorial

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The memorial of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independents is hard to depict in your photo since the light of day is fading. I do like the pond with the ducks and the reflection of the setting sun on the pond with the gentle waves. A nice place to take your last photo of your adventure on the National Mall. I enjoyed!

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