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Two From DC

This is the second from the DC series I am doing this week. This one is the Lincoln Memorial from the far side of the Reflecting Pool.

I took this image after I had taken the Jefferson Memorial image. There were some stops in between the two images so the sun had shifted. The light was coming in from behind me to the left. That is why the building isn’t fully light but it was all about the light and the warmth. I do confess to cheating with these images and increasing the warmth in them but it was a very warm Presidents Day.

If you look close enough in this image you can see a Ukraine flag in front of the Lincoln Memorial. They were protesting the Russian involvement in the Ukraine. One of the things you get used to if you live in DC is that someone is always protesting something. If you are a local you just hope and pray it doesn’t mess with traffic.

Editing again was straight forward. I went with the narrow aspect ration because it felt much better. Then did a very minor curves adjustment and some local work with dodging and burning. Called it done.


Lincoln Memorial

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I like the photo of the Lincoln Memorial. The Ukraine flag in front of the Lincoln Memorial with the people protesting the Russian involvement in the Ukraine. The memorial is often used as a gathering place for protests and political rallies. The most famous was the March of Washington in 1963, when Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech ‘I have a dream’ from the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial holds deep memories for me. I attended a private girl school on Capital Hill and we were very much engrossed in the “happening” of the the times. I, with many of my classmates and teachers attended the march and listened to Martin Luther Kings’ speech.

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