One From DC

One From DC

This will be a series this week of one off images. It will show my progression in the afternoon when I was down on the National Mall in Washington DC.

Technically this image is in Virginia by definition but it’s on Federal Land. If you live in the DMV; DC, Maryland and Virginia as we call it. You naturally understand what is state land versus what is federal. Most locals don’t even think about it as we know. For a visitor it may confuse you but the biggest tip off is look at the law enforcement uniforms and it will tell you exactly whose jurisdiction you are in.

This image is the Jefferson Memorial shot from the Washington DC side of the Potomac River. I was just walking along the river taking some shots since I wandered off from the National Mall.

The image felt better cropped into a narrow aspect. Just worked better with the image. Once I had the crop then I added some gradients and then moved it into Photoshop for a curves adjustment. Then it was some dodging and burning and called it done.


Jefferson Memorial

4 thoughts on “One From DC

  1. The monuments are always nice to see and your photo taken across the Potomac River makes it even better. I like the way the sun is shining on the Jefferson Memorial with the tree filling out in Spring and the warming of the weather invites one outdoors to just enjoy.

  2. You were in DC. The river is in DC, as are some slivers of land on what seem like the Virginia side. All land East of the “Boundary Channel” is is DC- you have probably seen signs for “Boundary Channel Drive” as you pass into Virginia on I-95.

    At least to me, it’ an interesting bit of trivia.


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