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Memorial Shadows

This was shot on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC,.

I had just finished taking some photos off the backside of the Lincoln Memorial and was walking around to go back down to the front. I saw the shadows off the columns with the Washington Memorial in the distance and just had to take the image.

I got lucky in that no one was walking towards me. I was rushed because I had people coming behind me. In fact, there was another photographer doing an engagement shoot and I knew they were heading my way so it was a rush to get several frames.

When I went to edit I did try this in HDR but it just didn’t work. So I went and just did a normal edit. I didn’t want to crush the blacks. I wanted some of the details to remain in the building itself. I also had to watch it because of the blue in the sky so I had to be careful not to color shift that and turn it weird. So just a simple curves adjustment and then lots of burning and called it done.


Memorial Shadows

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The memorial Shadows is a nice and a fun shot. I love how the sun has fun creating shadows everywhere possible. My photographer son promised me something I really would like today since he does not publish on Sunday, Mother’s Day. I wanted what I call “Flower Power” lots and lots of photos of beautiful flowers he has captured in his many photo journeys. Disappointed, when I saw the shadows but thought, I like shadows. I spent a large part of my afternoon in the dentist office and did not arrive home until 5:00 pm. I saw I had a package at the front door and went to grab it. I also found some beautiful flowers awaiting me. This is what my son, the photographer was telling me to wait for and it is nothing better than a basket full of beautiful, colorful flowers from my son, the adventurous photographer, I am so proud of. Thanks for the “Flower Power”.

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