Under A Full Moon

This is one from the archives. I was watching a video about working with jpeg image and I figured why not give one a try and see how it worked out.

I shot this 3 years ago on the Mighty Canon 330HS. That camera went through hell and back in my pocket and it was always with me. Sure, I had a cell phone but the 330HS was able to do things that the a cell phone just could not. So it went everywhere. It finally died in Tijuana, Mexico when the lens shutter got bent and jammed. It died in the line of duty after a few years of trust service.

The photo was shot while I was coming out of dinner and I just looked up and saw the moon in the sky. I pulled out the camera and snapped a few shots and went on my merry way.

Editing was very straight forward. You just can’t do much with a jpeg file from a camera. So nothing major was done. I know there is some banding in the image but that is just a sensor limitation. There isn’t any real way to fix it without causing more problems with it. I did color correct to get the moon white and make it pop. That was about it.


Under A Full Moon

One thought on “Under A Full Moon”

  1. I love the MOON shot! I have always wanted you to snap a shot of the moon. It is beautiful! It is the brightest “star” in the sky. Know it isn’t a star but it is a work of art. The sky with its pinkish tint to it. It is a fine end to a great day. With that moon, it could not be anything but great! I enjoyed.

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