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Nature Squared – Part 2

Here is the second installment of nature squared. This was also shot in Brookside Gardens but on the lake part for lack of better description.

This set is going to be a bit different. The previous set was more landscape based and there are elements of that in this set. This one is more abstract in the way I shot it. The theme is there in that it’s all nature but the it’s not going to be as in your face and obvious.

Just like the previous set some of these were shot in portrait mode and then sized down to fit a square. Others were just cropped down to hide stuff I didn’t want seen or just to fit the theme I was working with.

I did nothing different editing wise. Just my usual workflow so if you want to see look back two days for that post. Like the previous images it was shot on a Sony RX10.


nature squarednature squarednature squarednature squarednature squarednature squared

3 replies on “Nature Squared – Part 2”

I like how you invited your viewer in to sit and enjoy your journey through this park. You choose a good spot with bright sunshine on a crisp fall day. Love the second stop you made to capture the water with its mirror images of the trees and a beautiful blue coloring on the water, next you show us the leafless tree leaning over the water to catch his reflection. Onward we go to see the shallow water and the fallen leaves floating by and the sun getting ready to go elsewhere. It has been a wonderful journey sitting on that bench. I enjoyed!

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