Nature Squared – Part 1

Nature Squared – Part 1

I was intending to go back to the series I was attempting to edit last week. Instead I ended up with 3 different series but I think it worked out ok.

These images are from Brookside Gardens shot last year in the fall. I had missed the peak leaves time with my travel to Vegas but I still managed to get some leaves. I was really testing my Sony RX10 that I had purchased. I was just wandering around shooting whatever struck my fancy.

The series will be split into two connected but separate themes. It will make sense once I publish the second half later this week. The reason is the park is split into 2 distinct areas so it changes up the images slightly and to have a cohesive set it was better to split them.

When I went to edit these it just made sense to go with a square crop. Part of this was to remove stuff I didn’t want in the frame and part of it was for the theme. Most were shot landscape but some were shot portrait so the squares don’t always come out perfectly the same.

Editing wise it was apply the camera defaults and then into Photoshop. I went towards lower key and higher contrast on these images. It makes the colors pop more. When I was done with exposure and contrast I just went about doing local dodging and burning as needed. Sharpened them and called them done.


Nature SquaredNature SquaredNature SquaredNature SquaredNature Squared

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  1. I love the Fall photos. I love the shadows in the water. This is a beautiful park. Your photos I will forever enjoy with my viewer. I am glad your are the best photographer a mother can have.

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