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Around The Bench

I shot this at Brookside Gardens at some point but I honestly don’t remember when. Could have been Spring or Summer I really have no idea anymore.

To be honest this was a compromise photo to fill out the week. I am working on a series that is an absolute nightmare to edit and I just hit the wall with it so I stopped and stepped away. I just started to go through the archives until I found something I knew I could knockout quickly and easily. It was then I stumbled on this image.

Editing was straightforward. Add the camera defaults, put in a few gradients and then off to Photoshop. A quick curves adjustment and then local work to add contrast here and there. The most I did was desaturate the purples a bit. It was then off to sharpening and done.


Around the Bench

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What’s not to like about your photos of Brookside Gardens! This one looks to be about late August or so when the beautiful groomed flowers mingle with “God’s” flowers, (weeds) and the blooming season is coming to an end. I am sure they put on a good colorful show but soon to rest. I love the colors and the bench which someone dedicated. I never have been in the park but felt like I have from all of the wonderful photos taken along your journey. I have my copy.

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