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Koi Las Vegas

I shot this when I was on my last trip to Las Vegas. I was working an event there so I got permission to shoot the photo from the representative at Planet Hollywood. It made for a much nice experience instead of worrying about a random security person coming up and asking me what I was doing.

I don’t have a lot of love for Vegas. I got shipped there for work. I only went once for personal for a friends party. If I could avoid Vegas I do. Too many people lose their minds about it being some adult fun capital. Sure, it’s a fun capital provided you don’t need to worry about a bank account. Everything is stupid expensive in Las Vegas.

The reason I took this image is I would walk past the Koi entrance everyday going to working at some unholy hour in the morning. When I got the opportunity to ask to take the shot I jumped on it. It’s not often you get permission from a casino to shoot something on a tripod.

This is a HDR image. I did the conversion using Aurora 2017 and just manually played with the sliders. Once I was happy there it was into Photoshop for some dodging and burning and a lot of straightening and cropping. Then it was time to clean up some stuff I didn’t want in the image and called it done.


Koi Las Vegas

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I like the laughing Buddha! The no see, no hear and no tell is fitting especially with the theme Vegas has with people’s visits. I was curious about the Name of the establishment, Some of the characteristics associated with the Koi include good fortune, success, courage, etc. The Buddhas seem to say it all with their smiling poses. I enjoyed.

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