Vertically Natured

Vertically Natured

Since I was in the archives with the Portland, Oregon photo from yesterday I figured why not see what else was there. For the flower lover(s) out there I clicked on the stuff I shot at the Portland Rose Gardens.

It’s strange what I will and will not let through anymore. I know these images aren’t great. Still, I figured why not.┬áSometimes you need to let go and just go with what you want. I know there are flaws in these images but most people looking at them will never pick them up. It doesn’t mean I just rushed the edits and said to hell with it. It just means, I’m not going to worry about if it’s an epic masterpiece or not. I have shot them and edited them. Sometimes you just edit and publish image because people like it.

These were shot on either a Sony A7R or a Sony RX100M3. They were processed the same way. Camera defaults applied in Lightroom, then gradients and other fun stuff. Then into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for tone and contrast. Local working with dodging and burning and done. Sometimes one more white balance in Camera Raw and and a hue/saturation depending on what I was looking for.


PS – If they look crispy it’s because they are. I am now just applying the sharpening in full res and letting Photoshop sort it out when I down res it for the web.

PPS – If you are looking at sky and wondering why there is so much variation. It really did shift that much in the couple hours I was there shooting.

Portland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose GardenPortland Rose Garden


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  1. I love the flower power! These gardens are beautiful. The thought that went into setting up a breath taking garden must be immense. I love the very tall evergreens standing watch over the delicate flowers. The climbing roses up the lamp post, the porticula flowers growing next to the large rock. Very beautiful. Would love to visit such a garden but the photos taken are darn close to being there. Just can not smell the fragrants of the beautiful roses. The photographer will have to work on that. I have my copies to enjoy again.

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