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Cutting Through

This is from Great Falls earlier this year when I went out for a New Year’s hike with my Sony A7R and a polarizing filter. The weather was nice and it wasn’t that crowded so it was a pleasant day out.

One of the things I have been late to the game with has been polarizing filters. Sure, you can somewhat reproduce the results with editing software but there is still something about a good polarizing filter that makes an image pop.

I have been using step rings for all my filters. This works great but I am really lazy and it’s one more more thing to remember to carry with me. I was surfing on Amazon and somehow I got recommendation for Amazon Basics filters. The in-house brand for Amazon is usually decent quality and the filters were very inexpensive so I just bought a complete set. Think from 82mm to 52mm was all of around $80. For the price and quality, you can’t complain and now I can be lazy and go with one filter for my various lens.

Editing wise this is really out of the camera. I didn’t go fancy. The polarizing filter did the the heavy lifting in the sky and then I just ran gradients to for clarity and dehaze to bring out the clouds. Once I had my basic edits done it was off to Photoshop where I put in a slight curve and then just local adjustments using dodge and burn.


Cutting Through

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What a beautiful Winter photo! Mother Nature was at her finest this day. The trees may bear the winter bare bone look but the sky with the cloud action is cool and the water streaming down through the rock passage is very nice. I would have liked to have been on that walk with you but your photo is the next best thing. I enjoyed and have my copy.

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