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DC War Memorial

I had no idea what this monument was when I took the picture. It took a quick internet search for me to find out the name. It’s one of the smaller and less visited memorials on the Washington DC Mall.

I took this image of the DC War Memorial when I was down on the Mall a few months back. Just doing some random shooting in the afternoon getting the nice light from the sun setting in the west.

While this isn’t a busy memorial with people visiting it got a lot of foot traffic passing so I wanted to minimize that. I didn’t mind the two people sitting in within as it added a human element. Since this is a HDR image there was always going to be some motion blur with the people. If you blow the image up to full size you will see a lot of motion blur with the people. This is unusual for two people talking. The reason for it was they were speaking in sign language so their arms were constantly in motion.

The image was done in HDR using Aurora 2017. It’s one of those images that works well for HDR because it’s static architecture. I have come to discover that status subjects make the best HDR. This doesn’t mean moving subjects don’t work. You just spend a lot of time dealing with motion artifacts.

Once the HDR conversion was done it was time take the image into Photoshop and finish it up. I added some gradients using Camera Raw filter and then some dodging and burning for local adjustments. I did fight with perspective correction. It got to the point where the image looked level and I said done because I kept going second guessing and just had to hit save.


DC War Memorial

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You seemed to have had a great day to venture down on the Mall. I like the photo of the World War One Memorial. With the sun high in the sky, there are many shadows on and around the monument. The architecture of these Memorials are a work of art. I enjoyed.

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