Painterly With Reflections

Painterly With Reflections

These are two more images from Brookside Gardens in the Fall. They felt a bit painterly hence the title.

It just struct me that today’s images and yesterday’s images were supposed to be another set but I messed it up. I thought I put them in a folder but I guess I didn’t. I guess it worked out for the best so I’m running with it. They were all about reflections but in the end it worked out as I’m on travel and don’t have my full library with me.

Editing was simple again. Lightroom into Photoshop. Sometimes keeping your editing simple works in your favor. Allowing the overall image to come forward without a lot of layers and masking.


Painterly With ReflectionsPainterly With Reflections

2 thoughts on “Painterly With Reflections

  1. I think your photos of today is a great way to end the week. The fall photos at Brookside Gardens are beautiful, colorful and fun. The reflections created by the sun and captured by the photographer are just plan fun. The sun’s shadows created their own “look” in the water mirror. You seem to capture the shadows thoughts. I have enjoyed.

  2. Painterly???? Somebody got a word of the day calendar!

    Your photos are lovely as usual. It is nice to have a splash of color on a gray, rainy day like today. I love the reflection in the bottom picture. I looks totally different from the trees above. Very cool effect. Nature is awesome.

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