Purple Shimmer

Purple Shimmer

The Potomac River at sunset. I was on the DC side shooting towards the Virginia side. Just taking photos of the sunset from various angles.

It’s funny editing photos from a camera you don’t own anymore. This was shot on an Olympus EM-1. I can’t say I miss my micro 4/3 gear. I used it for almost 4 years the longest out of any camera gear. I bounced between Olympus and Panasonic and I had a plethora of lenses at my disposal.

I just wasn’t happy with the image quality I was getting out of it as I moved more into landscape and travel stuff. When you are doing landscapes you end up cropping a lot. I also do a far bit of HDR stuff as well. The files would just choke the more I pushed them. When I got my Sony A7R it was a revelation what I could do with those giant files.

With the A7R in hand the micro 4/3 stuff just sat. Finally I sold it all and picked up a Nikon D810. Different beast and I use it occasionally for landscapes when I am feeling masochistic but it’s the bread and butter camera. If I need to shoot something like an event of portraits the Nikon comes out and the Sony A7R is the backup camera.

I have some fond memories of the micro 4/3 stuff. I learned a ton about photography using that gear. Eventually you do outgrow your camera and sometimes you just need to move on.

Editing this was straightforward. Loaded the camera profile. Put in some gradients. Then into Photoshop for a curves adjustment for exposure and contrast. Local dodging and burning and called it a day.


Purple Shimmer

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