Dusk On The Beach

Dusk On The Beach

This is one from Thailand I never got around to editing. Just liked the water and the twinkle of lights.

I alternate between HDR and non-HDR. It totally depends on my mood. I tend to shoot three brackets for most things unless I know it isn’t going to work. Then I’ll shoot just one.

I was in full HDR mode with my A7R when I shot most of the image in Thailand at the time. While I understood how to process in HDR better there are times when you just don’t want to do it. This image done in HDR is just a nightmare of colors and motion blur. While you can eliminate it things tend to get muddy quickly with the image.

When you learn something new you tend to get stuck in that mindset when post-processing. I was stuck in HDR mode so I ended up never using a lot of the images I shot simply because my mind could not consider processing it a different way. This has led me to look at images I otherwise never published because now I’m like great image. Let me process it.

This image is straight up post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. No layer masks, no luminosity masks, no nothing. It was me doing my usual stuff in Lightroom and then adjusting exposure and contrast in Photoshop. I did a bit of local working using dodging and burning and that’s it. Took only a few minutes and I’m happy with how it came out.


Pattaya Beach

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  1. This is hard to believe it is Thailand. It looks like somewhere in the US at a beach. I guess it is from the many photos the photographer has given us over the years of the off the beaten path photos of Thailand. Both are nice but I really have enjoyed seeing the heart of Thailand such as the Buddhas, temples, etc. I enjoyed.

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