Where Blue Meets Green

This one is from when I went to Manassas Battlefield one early morning to do some photography there.

I really like doing early morning and evening shots. I just don’t wake up early enough to do the morning ones that often. Night shots I’m tired after working so I don’t do that many of them except on weekends.

This photo is of the battlefield itself. One of the interesting things I noticed on the battlefields I have visited is that there are a lot of lone trees. This is because the battles took place in open fields where soldiers could march out in formation. The American Civil war was one of the last wars that the platoons of soldiers were used to attack without cover. After that modern warfare as we know it started to phase in. If you are into European history the Crimean War was the first war there that didn’t use formations of troops over open ground.

With that said, you get a lot of lone trees battlefields.The only other place you see this is on golf courses. These are striking subjects because you get them isolated.  So if you are into solitary trees you know where to go.

When I went to edit this I had no real idea where I was going. The sky color isn’t what you call accurate. This one was all about mood and not realism.

I went for the cinematic 2,4:1 type crop to give it that expansive feeling. I then made the image low key on purpose because it’s really about the sky. The tree in the middle was going to be silhouetted the entire time. While I could have fixed the grass color I think the more glowy green added to it. Once I had that I wanted a bit more punch. I loaded up Macphun Intensify CK and picked a preset. Masked in those bits into the sky at one opacity and a lower one for the ground. In the end very happy with the way it came out.

Where Blue Meets Green

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  1. I love the morning sky you captured at Manassas Battlefield. You can sit and just gaze into the sky and get lost in its beauty. If the whole human race would take ten minutes our of their day, whatever time they choose, to just meditate on the beauty we have been given, maybe there wouldn’t be so much anger in this world.

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