The Memory Of Abraham Lincoln

The Memory Of Abraham Lincoln

Just one from when I went on a bit of a stroll on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

I didn’t really think about it when I went to the National Mall on Presidents Day weekend that it would be crowded. Then again the Lincoln Memorial is always full of people unless it’s really late at night or early morning.

You aren’t allowed to use a tripod inside the monument. I maybe forgot about that sign and setup for a quick shot. I literally had to make space and angle the camera up. I wasn’t dead center and I was just working with the space I had. There just was too many people and too little time. So I quickly fired 3 shots and out I went.

When I went to edit this I knew I was going to have to straighten the image. I went for perceptual on Lincoln himself and ignored the rest. It’s a bit funky but I liked the image. I debated on clone stamping out the visual queues that it wasn’t straight but I left them. It was going to cause more problems than it was worth.

Editing wise this is pretty straight forward. The only thing I did do was add an luminosity mask. I did the image in monochrome and brought it back into Photoshop. Once I had that it was just a matter of lowering the opacity until I was happy.


Lincoln Memorial

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  1. I like the Monument on the Mall of Abraham Lincoln. Have been there many times during the time I lived in the area. The National Mall for all to come to visit is an impressive place to see. I enjoyed.

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