The Lone Tower

I took this image when I went to Luray Caverns for a bit of photographic fun. This is the view you see from the caverns entrance which looks more like a stripmall than a giant hole in the ground.

When I took this I put on my Sigma 28-300 which I carry for such occasions. It’s not the world’s sharpest lens but it gets the job done when pressed into service. I was using a monopod which is not something I’m overly used to but I could hold it steady. I zoomed out and took several shots until I was happy with the image.

Editing time it was going to be a very narrow crop. This was due to the fact that there was a road in the frame. It added zero value to the image so it went bye quickly. Once that was gone it was time for heavy lifting.

After putting in my camera defaults and various gradients it was time for Photoshop. I put my curves adjustment in. I wanted to bring out the details of the mountains behind the tree and tower. I then spend a lot of time doing various local adjustments via dodging and burning. With the light being what it was I had to be careful not to overrun anything.

I was going ot mask in bit but I discovered with the trees and the light on the mountain it left a weird halo. So I removed that. Instead I went into Camera Raw added a bit of saturation to bring up the warmth of the image and called it done.


The Lone Tower

4 thoughts on “The Lone Tower”

  1. I like your photo and can not wait to see more of Luray Caverns. I see the Mountains in the background and it looked like it may have been a bit of fog out that morning. I have never been to Luray Caverns. Not brave when it comes to going into caves. I lived not far from the Caverns most of my life. I am sure the Caverns are beautiful and I will be able to experience that through the eyes of the photograph.

  2. I can empathise with you…. I can spend a while trying to improve an image, only to go back to the beginning with a simpler plan of attack when I understand the image a bit more.

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