Into The Mix

Into The Mix

I promised a water heavy week and I am delivering on the promise. This is another one from Great Falls.

I took this image standing on a bridge that goes over a rocky ravine with a small channel running through it. If you have never shot on a bridge before you are in for a treat. Bridges move. Alot. You don’t really register it in a vehicle but standing on a bridge you will notice it quickly.

Trying to time your shots when there is no traffic on the bridge is always fun. You really have to nail it or the camera is going to move. I don’t care how much image stabilization you have. Your camera platform is moving. Be that you or a tripod or monopod.

Editing this was mostly about curves adjustments and dodging and burning. Water is really a pain to edit and get a consistent look out of. You really need to watch and make sure you don’t clip the highlights. So I spent a lot of time messing about with that.

Once I had the local adjustments done I went and loaded the image into Intensify CK. Picked a preset I liked and then brought it back into Photoshop. Masked that in at various opacities. I then loaded up Camera Raw filter and adjusted my white balance and called it a day.


Into the Mix

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  1. I love that photo! That is some raging water. I kept a copy for my viewer to always enjoy and know that it is the mighty Potomac River. It is just hard to believe because most of my life, it has been a quiet river that I saw. Most of this river I have seen just rolls along and in some spots, barely there in WV. I find it so hard to believe that a river (body of water) can take on so many personalities as it travels from one place to the next as intended. I enjoyed learning from all of your photos. Everything in this old world is a work of art, most of us just do not see that. We are too busy. I am glad I have this opportunity.

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