Painterly With Reflections

These are two more images from Brookside Gardens in the Fall. They felt a bit painterly hence the title.

It just struct me that today’s images and yesterday’s images were supposed to be another set but I messed it up. I thought I put them in a folder but I guess I didn’t. I guess it worked out for the best so I’m running with it. They were all about reflections but in the end it worked out as I’m on travel and don’t have my full library with me.

Editing was simple again. Lightroom into Photoshop. Sometimes keeping your editing simple works in your favor. Allowing the overall image to come forward without a lot of layers and masking.


Painterly With ReflectionsPainterly With Reflections

Gazebo Over The Pond

These are two from the gazebo at Brookside Gardens over one of the small ponds that dot Brookside Gardens. This is one was donated by the Korean community.

I am doing two images. While visually different they do work together as a set. I also didn’t want them to be stand-alone images. So I figured why not throw in the two images together and call them a set. So that is why there is two.

These were edited the same time as the earlier Fall sets this week. So straight from Lightroom with camera profiles and gradients. Then into Photoshop for curves and local adjustments with dodging and burning.


Gazebo Gazebo

Remember The Fall – Part 2

This finishes up the set for remember the fall. These were all shot at Brookside Gardens using my Sony RX10.

When I do sets like this I like to break them up into smaller portions. I will tend to push it to no more than 10 images. This is because when you review so many images at once you tend to lose the details as your brain is trying to focus on so much visual input. It’s one of the primary reasons why I stick to a single image a day for the most part. With me doing 5 days a week it is just not feasible to edit a large number of photos. Even with a fast workflow its still time consuming.

Editing was simple again. Just Lightroom for camera profiles and gradients. Then into Photoshop for curves adjustments. Dodging and burning for local contrast.


Remember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the FallRemember the Fall

Remember The Fall – Part 1

This is part one of a two part series. These were all shot on my Sony RX10 at Brookside Gardens. I just now got around to editing them. Plus using remember the fall sounds more dramatic.

These were all taken while I was playing with my Sony RX10 as I indicated. I had no real idea what I was going to get when I arrived. I just wandered around and shot a lot of landscape stuff along with the fall leaves that were left. I was lucky to get what I got since I usually travel when its peak leaf season.

There is nothing fancy editing. Just straight up camera adjustments and then curves. Lots of local dodging and burning to get effect. I kept is simple because I actually edited far more than even this series since I am on business travel and wanted to edit ahead.


Remember The FallRemember The FallRemember The FallRemember The FallRemember The FallRemember The Fall

Lake Effect

I have no idea what the name of this lake is. In fact, I had just found it on a this visit to Brookside Gardens. I just took a wander around with my Sony RX10 and started to take some photos.

I really liked the water with the weird holesĀ and the reflections of the trees flowing into the real trees. If you blow it up to full size you can see a guy fishing on the water drain area. Even though the image was in late fall the sun was out and giving some nice light. The interesting part of this is that I was standing in a quick mud sinking quickly. I got to the point there I had to almost lost my hiking boot because I had sank that deep. Luckily pulled it out and then proceeded to just dunk the boot in water to get the mud off.

Editing wise nothing fancy. Typical adjustments. Just camera defaults. A few gradients then into Photoshop. From there I do my curve adjustment and then on to local dodging and burning.


Lake Effect

Subtle Reflections

This was shot at Brookside Gardens last Fall. I was playing around with my Sony RX10 which I had recently purchased.

With upcoming travels I’m not bothering to take my DSLR’s. Just the Sony RX10 and the RX100iii I own. These two cameras will shoot almost anything I need to without the need to pack an additional camera bag.

There is always a tradeoff when going with a bridge camera or a compact but the Sony sensors can produce solid images. When you don’t want to pack the full gamut of lenses for a DSLR a solid bridge camera or compact can get you through most trips.

Editing this is nothing but a camera profile and some gradient work. Then it was into Photoshop for a curves adjustment and dodging and burning. There was no need to push the image further. Adding some subtle sharpening got the result I wanted and I was happy.


Subtle Reflections


Space Shuttle Discovery

Took at trip to the Udvar-Hazy Center which is apart of the Smithsonian. Went for a specific shot in mind but I figured when I was there why not photograph the Discovery.

This is a bit of a departure from my normal work. I went and shot this documentary style. Giving different angles and views of the same subject. I hope it conveys the sheer size of the shuttle. You just don’t realize how big it is until you see it in person. It takes up almost an entire hanger at the museum.

I used my Nikon D810 and my Sigma 24-105 and a Nikon 16-35 to get these images. Used ISO 1600 and the aperture was set to 4.0 on all these shots. I had no choice but to shoot wide open due to lighting in the place. Speaking of the lighting it confused the hell out of the camera for metering and white balance. I used spot and multi metering for all these. White balance was a pain in post because of the color shifts from lights around the shuttle.

I knew when I took these images it was going to be documentary style so I could crop as needed. I made sure my shot discipline anticipated the cropping that was going to happen in post. When shooting something like this if you don’t plan for a crop you are going to have some really funky photos.

Editing wise was a straightforward. I loaded my camera profiles which I can’t stress enough using on all your cameras. It gives you a reliable base to work form. I did my cropping and white balance to shift the hue from the yellow and blues of the lighting to get it back to shuttle white. I used gradients to get focus on the areas I wanted.

It was then off to Photoshop for curves adjustments for tonality and contrast. Once I had that these images needed a lot of local work to balance things out. I then would take the image into Camera Raw Filter and run another white balance on the final image to correct color shift from adding the tone curve. Even still I would have to use a desaturation brush to get some of the yellows tamed because it just hue shifted that much. I could not just run the hue/saturation adjustment because the shuttle does have yellow in it.

Final bit was to add some sharpening to the images. While there is some noise adding a bit of sharpening increased acuity and allowed for a better overall image.


Space Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle DiscoverySpace Shuttle Discovery

Reflecting Washington

This is the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall in Washington DC. The Lincoln Memorial was behind me as the two monuments face each other with the pool between them.

Shot this the day before Presidents Day here in America. It was absolute chaos down there because it was a 3-day weekend and the weather was really nice. So I was fighting for space. Everyone was wanting to take pictures or selfies of the reflecting pool. I am polite and let people finish but when I see a spot I jump in and setup for my shot. If you don’t you will stand there all day waiting.

Nothing fancy here. I did go for the 16×9 crop since I was at a wide angle. It helped cut down on some of the sky. Once I had that it was straight up adjustments in Lightroom and then into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop I added a curves adjustment for tone and and contrast. I did have to add an extra gradient in the Camera Raw Filter to get the sky not to shift to some weird blue. So a simple and easy to edit image.


Reflecting Pool

Frothing Away

This was shot at Great Falls earlier this year. Was a warm day so I took a hike out there. The title is a bit sketchy but it popped into my head. Sometimes these things are easy to name and sometimes they are not.

Sometimes an image just needs a monochrome conversion to bring out the details. There wasn’t a lot of color to begin with so I wanted it to be about the texture of the rocks and water. The trick with a good monochrome image is the tonal shifts and details. I see a lot of stuff, in particular street photography that is converted to monochrome just because. If the image doesn’t work that way there is no point in doing it. Some people just stick with it just because they feel the need to fit a certain genre. I do it because I think it enhances the image not just because.

When it came time to edit this I did the conversion in Lightroom. I just played with the sliders until I got it to where I wanted it. When you do a conversion manually it helps to remember what color channels the image had originally.

Once I was happy then into Photoshop for the curves adjustment for tonality and contrast. Then a lot of local work on the rocks, trees and water. Once that was done I wasn’t 100% happy. So I loaded it into Intensify CK and picked some preset. I then did a very light mask to bring out the details a bit more and called it done.


Great Falls

Bridge Over Placid Water

Shot this along the waterfront in Washington DC. The bridge is Memorial Bridge and the city behind it is Roslyn in Virginia.

Not in love with this image but the more I looked at it the more I figured why not publish it. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just not exciting. It’s one of those solid images that work but doesn’t do a lot more.

I shot this on my A7R and I believe my 24-240 lens which is the workhorse of my landscape stuff. I’m lazy with lens changes. I rather have a lens that does everything well than some uber lens I need to switch out to. Sure there are compromises but it produced a good chunk of the images on this site the last year or so.

Editing wise nothing fancy. No masking no nothing. Just a curves adjustment and then local work. With my tone curve I have become more aggressive using it to get better contrast. If there is a weird color shift I just open up the Camera Raw Filter and redo the white balance or just do a hue/saturation fix within Photoshop itself.


Bridge Over Placid Water