Where The Falls Begin

Where The Falls Begin

This is the first view of Great Falls you see from the Maryland side. You walk out to an overlook that allows you to see the river where it turns into the falls.

This week may be heavy on the water theme. I’ll see how I feel when I load up the rest of the images I have edit. Having the luxury of sitting on a large back catalogue I can jump around with my images.

My mother who reads everyday and some others I know asked me why I don’t edit images immediately. The fact is I don’t want to be emotionally attached to them. It’s not like I’m in love with these things. It’s just that when you take an image you have this vision in your head of what that image should look like. When you dump it to the computer and look it’s not at all what you envisioned in your head.

With letting images sit for a bit you lost that memory of what you expected the image to be. You aren’t attached to it. It’s just another image the same as any other. You look at it and figure out what you can do with it.

I have found that I will edit images that I just can look at objectively. Is it an interesting image. Light good. In focus. The usual stuff. There is no disappointment because I have moved past the moment.

When I went to edit this one I wanted it to feel expansive which is why I cropped it the way I did. The mouth of the falls is very wide. So I wanted it to convey that feeling. Once the crop was in it was time to add the curves to add the contrast. So did that and it was time for dodging and burning.

Having edited a lot of these images before getting to this one I discovered that water really likes a midtone dodge versus a highlight because it would blow out the whites quickly. I also dodges the rocks to bring back some of the features in them. Then when I was happy I felt it was missing something. So loaded it into Intensify CK and picked a preset.

Back into Photoshop I masked in the new layer with different opacities. The goal was keeping your attention on the water and rocks. I then lower opacity for the other areas. It keeps the look the same but it doesn’t draw attention to it.

Finally I have started to do my white balance in Camera Raw once I am done. I get much finer control over the final image. So once that was done it was hit save.


Where The Falls Begin

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  1. I like where the Falls begin. Great Falls I remember well. Not sure I have been to the Maryland side of the Falls but have went many times on the Virginia side. I remember that the Falls are so strong in several locations and then in others in the hot dry weather, is pretty shallow. Great Falls has many nice hiking trails and good spots to fish. This photo appears to have been taken in the beginning of Fall. I see several colors on the landscape beside the Falls. I like the white froth of the water against the black rocks. It is a wonderful treasure we have in Great Falls. I am glad the photographer shared his find.

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