Stupa Steps

Stupa Steps

This is another from Thailand I never published. Unlike others, this one makes a glorious HDR so I’m going with it!

This image is from Wat Nong Yai which using my craptasitc Thai translates to Younger Big Temple. Nong means younger and yai means big. Thai being a tonal language I’m totally guessing since translation into English doesn’t always work cleanly unless you hear the words or can read Thai. My limited understanding means I miss tones a lot and I can’t read a word of Thai to save my life.

The story how I found this temple is interesting. I was at a local tourist trap that I’m not recommending. I could see a giant Buddha statue in the distance. So when I finished I headed that way. If you have been following long enough I have mentioned my awful sense of direction. So I was cutting down side streets looking for the temple entrance. On my second wrong turn I came into a vacant lot. I was immediately set on by a pack of dogs. Stray dogs in packs or solo are pretty common. Most are indifferent but you do get the occasional aggressive one.

Seeing how I didn’t want to get mauled to death I quickly gunned the bike and took off. The bad part was I was on a dirt path. This caused me to lose control of the bike and crash. Luckily the crash caused the dogs to panic as they weren’t sure what happened. I jumped to my feet, picked the bike up and hit the throttle to get the hell out of there. The minute the bike was moving the dogs were chasing me again until I hit the main road.

I was a bit shaken up but not horribly so. I continued my mission to find the temple. A temple being a community space would also be a nice place to check for damage on both me and the bike.

Found the correct turn and pulled into the temple. I had some scrapes on me and the bike from hitting the ground. Nothing serious. So got my gear and off for a wander on the grounds.

When I went to edit this I knew it was going to be HDR. Buildings and indoor stuff does well with HDR. So I ran the images through Aurora and just picked a preset. It looked good and I was happy. No need to start adding layers. Brought it into Photoshop and did some straightening (why I didn’t publish it before). Burned a bit here and there and called it done.



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  1. I have always enjoyed the temple photos the photographer has put on his Blog. I think the architecture is beautiful and elaborate. I wanted to know what the colors mean. I googled this question and this is what the colors meant. The colors in this photo are red, green and yellow. This is what I found for Thailand.

    The color red symbolizes life-force, preservation, fire, and sacred things or places.. Red is associated with the Buddha Amitabha. Throughout Tibetan culture, red is a marker of sacred areas. This color is also seen on the garments of the monks. It is believed to be a protective color, like that of shamanistic wards.

    Green denotes youth, vigor, action (Karma), and harmony. It also represents balance and is associated visually with the lush trees. Green is associated with the Buddha Amoghasiddhi.

    Yellow is the color that possesses the highest symbolic quality because of the saffron color of the monk’s robes. It was chosen as a symbol of humility and separation from materialistic society. It symbolizes renunciation. Because it is also the color of the earth, yellow denotes stability and grounded nature. It is a sign of humility.This color was chosen by Gautama Buddha.

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