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Steps To The Buddha

This is an old one that I was really saving to publish to Instagram. I have been out shooting most of the day so I’m a wee bit too tired to edit. Plus when this goes live it’s a holiday here in America so took advantage of it by photographing most of the long weekend.

The stairs with the naga guarding the them leading to the Buddha is at Wat Phra Yai. It was the first Buddhist temple I ever went to. Waitress at the guesthouse I was staying at took me and my friend up there. We had no idea where we were going. We rode in the back of a song tow (pickup with bench seats in the bed).  We both thought we were miles from nowhere when we arrive. We walked around the temple and my friend and I were mystified when our guide was making offerings to the various other statues at the wat (temple).

Having been to Thailand more times than I can count I know a lot more than I did that time. Now I usually take a ride up to the temple which is all of about 10 minutes away with traffic. It’s usually crowded with tourists because it has a great view of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s not that great of a temple all things considered but I still hold a spot for it because it was the first one for me.

Editing I wanted to bump up the naga that guard the stairs to Buddha. So I did my usual edits and brought it into Intensify CK and played around. Masked in those bits and called it done. Might have overcooked it looking at it now but being tired after shooting and hiking I’m going with what I got.


Steps to the Buddha

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Steps to Buddha is very pretty. The detail that goes into each of the temples I have seen through the photographer’s camera lens have been beautiful. Truly, works of art to honor Buddha. One day, I would like to see a Buddha temple in person. I enjoyed the photo.

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