Canal Reflection

This is another from the unpublished archives. I shot this on one of the small canals at a regional park in Fort Myers, Florida.

One of the reasons I have been going back into the archives and not publishing my more recent stuff is because I take a Photoshop class. Well, I watch videos. It’s Ming Thein’s weekly Photoshop Workshop. After watching it I just want to go through and look for an image I never published. This leads me down to all the other images I never published for one reason or another. So I will edit a few applying what I learned. Sometimes I throw in a little whatever. It’s mainly Ming’s workflow for all my base images then I channel my inner Trey Ratcliff and go off in a weird direction. Having met Trey I can tell you he’s just like he appears in his videos.

Editing wise it’s fairly standard. I didn’t mask anything in. The image would not have held up. It was shot I believe on a Panasonic G5. While I loved micro 4/3 I much prefer the latitude I get off a full frame sensor.

Once I had the image where I wanted it I put in a curves adjustment in Photoshop then local adjustments with dodge and burn. Mainly to bring out the reflection of the boat and clouds on the water.


Canal Reflection

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  1. I like the Canal Reflections. The shadows created by the sun are fun. They give each photo that has shadows, a topside view and upside down view. I just wonder how many people go through life and never get to experience the power of the sun and the many “mirrors” that give us a fun photo. I always enjoy.