Alamo Tree

This tree is outside the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. It’s from the archives and had remained unpublished for many reasons.

I was staying not too far away at the time so walked over to see the Alamo. The building that Ozzy Osbourne did not urinate on. I say that because it turns out Ozzy was so intoxicated on many things he could not have gotten in. He urinated on the statue outside of the Alamo which is where this picture was taken (see the connection?).

I have sat on this picture for a few years now. I shot it for HDR and had 7 exposures and no real clear idea what the hell I was doing in HDR. Now I know 7 exposures way too much. It creates too many artifacts and it turns an image into mushy mess.

With time and knowledge I went ahead and picked the normal exposure image. I went and did some perspective correction and then loaded my camera profile in. I really can’t tell you how much a proper camera profile is worth. It fixes a lot of stuff quickly.

Once I had the image fixed it was time for editing. I did a quick curves adjustment and then local dodging and burning. I wanted the tree to be more lifelike. So a quick load into Intensify and I picked a preset. Once happy back into Photoshop. I debated on masking in the more intense part but was happy so I left it as is.


Alamo Tree

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  1. This is truly a beautiful tree! I was wondering how old it is so I asked Google. Planted in 1912 by Walther Whall, the Alamo Live Oak proved that large trees can be transplanted successfully. The Live Oak at the Alamo Species: Quercus virginiana, Height: is 39 feet, 1 inch Canopy: 88 feet Diameter at breast height: 49 inches Circumference: 12 feet, 9 inches. The Age: 140 years. I had to know more detail on this beautiful oak. I enjoyed seeing it through the eyes of the photograph such a wonderful tree.

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