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Sunset Over The Caloosahatchee River

One of the unpublished from the archives. I shot this in 2015 I believe when I still had my Olympus EM1 gear. I have sense moved on to full frame Sony and Nikon but I still have some great images.

This image was part of my great learning curve for doing HDR. I would shoot a ridiculous 7 exposures. I had no idea what the hell I was doing with HDR and I never realized that the more images you shot the worse it got for alignment and other issues. I would get so frustrated trying to make a usable image that I often just gave up. It never occurred to me to take the single image and create something out of that.

So now when I go through the archives I could in theory create a HDR image out of them since I understand it better or just a single image. I opted for a single with this one as the colors were already there. No need to add a layer of complexity to an already decent image.

This image is mostly straight out of the camera. With my camera profiles I get much more accurate colors and I learned a trick for evening sky photos. Select cloudy day or sunny for the white balance. It will usually set it correctly. With my usual workflow done it was time to take it into Photoshop for a curves adjustment.

I went lower key with image. I wanted the shore to clip to black. One I had that done I just dodged the highlights in the shore to bring out some features but that was all. Once I had all that I brought it into Intensify and used the Sky Details preset to bring out the clouds a bit more. I masked that into the image at 70%. As always introduced noise.

I wanted to play with a new noise reduction technique I learned so I applied that in Camera Raw. I then sharpened the entire image and called it done.


Sunset Over The Caloosahatchee River

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Sunset Over The Caloosahatchee River is very pretty. I think all sunsets over the water are nice to watch. We have had some very nice sunsets lately. Not sure when the photographer snapped this one but lately, we have had some very pretty skies and great sunsets. The week of photos, I have enjoyed.

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