Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles

I shot these while hiking Great Falls last year. I was on the Maryland side and I was deep off trail. Nothing says fun while lugging a tripod with a Nikon D810 over your shoulder while not trying to fall into the churning water.

There are two images here. Basically the same image just shot portrait and landscape. I could not figure out which version I liked better. When I hit the final save it’s the landscape version but I saw no reason not to publish the portrait as well. They are both decent photos and it was just a matter of preference.

Publishing both also illustrates that you should not just take one shot and be done with it. Sometimes just moving a bit or switching to portrait gives you a different perspective. I do tend to move around when I am shooting and will take multiple images of the same subject. Light may change or something else. Memory cards are cheap so shoot away.

Editing I did my usual workflow. I knew I wanted the bubbles to pop so I was determined to make them so. Once I dodged and burned it was time for some masking fun. I loaded up Intensify CK and played with filters. Strangely enough I went with Aerial Photo Enhance. It really just pumps clarity and dehaze (or whatever it’s called in Intensify.). Once I had that I just masked it in at various levels for both photos and called it a day.


Tiny BubblesTiny Bubbles

One thought on “Tiny Bubbles”

  1. I like tiny bubbles! The fist looks almost like seltzer water with all of the fizzing. I presume the portrait is the first and the landscape is the second. Both are great but I like the landscape one the best. The landscape just seemed to bring out all of the detail of what the photographer focused on for the shot. It also drew my gaze to the land more than the fizzing water. Those cute blue flowers caught my eye as well. I enjoyed and have my copies.

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