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Leaving Shore

I seem to have a thing for nautical photos when I’m not editing architectural photos. This one was taken in Thailand with a Ricoh GR.

Go to any tourist beach in Thailand and you will see a few things. People selling you stuff you don’t want or need. People trying to convince you to rent a jet ski. People convincing you to take a speedboat to whatever island happens to be near. I highly recommend not doing any of these things.

When you consider the sheer number of times I have been to Thailand there are things I know. Most of these thing have been learned either first hand or by first hand accounts. Stuff you don’t want or need is massively inflated and its junk. Jet ski scams are so common they post warnings on most countries foreign services offices. Boating safety is a joke at best. It’s weekly you read about some boating accident over there. You can look at the picture and see the lady standing up and the hull packed with people. Good luck on enough life jackets.

With all that said I still liked the image.

Editing wise it’s pretty straight forward. The one issue with Thailand is the bright light and the sky and the water can often turn into one color. I wanted to make sure there was clear separation. I used gradients to make sure the color tones were correct for each of them. I did some dodging and burning to bring out the details of the people in the boat. I also kicked up the area along the shore to make it bit brighter to give the perspective of standing there. Bit of sharpening and done.


Leaving Shore

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I admit I am a beach lover. I probably would fall for the boat tour and trinkets are everywhere. I have not found a beach that did not try to sell you something you don’t need or the boat tours to see all of the wonderful sights the boating tour knows exist. I must say, I have never been on such a small boat to do the sight seeing. I hope to get to Thailand one day and remember, not to take the tour on the water. I enjoyed.

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