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At Anchor

This is from Panama City, Panama. Not exactly sure where I was except along the water. I walked from my hotel down to the waterfront that day and just kept walking until I hit Casco Viejo.

In Panama City there are tons of marinas. Some are private and some are public. I didn’t explore them that close as I was just walking along the trail with no particular destination in mind other than towards Casco Viejo. I liked this this image because I could pull the reflections off the water and the boats add a bit of color in another wise flat photo.

My goal when I edited this was to make the boats stand out and give some detail back to the sky. Once I had my basic edits done it was time to start adding masks to the image because there was no other way to bring out details. First was the sky so I loaded up Intensify CK and then masked in the sky bits I wanted. I followed that up with a mask for the boats and land. When you use two different masks you need to make sure the transition is clean between the two masks so you lower opacity to make it look cleaner. Did a bit of a dodge and burn to touch things up and called it done.


At Anchor

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I like the boats at Anchor. The blue color on some of the boats is nice and the sky looks like it could rain. Water seems very shallow. On the Caloosahatchee River there is boats docked out in the water. I had never seen this before. One can see them when you cross over the Caloosahatchee bridge. There are small white, I guess anchors, that the boats tie onto and drop anchor. Panama City would seem to be a nice place to visit and explore. I enjoyed.

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