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Architectural Travels – Part 2

I indicated in part 1 of this series that I was going to go through and clear out all my architectural photos I have taken over my travels. I return with part 2 which I am calling reflections.

These images were taken in Panama City, Panama and Chicago. There are no Thailand shots simply because where I am in Thailand doesn’t do large glass buildings. They are in Bangkok if you are interested but I’m not biggest fan of the city.

These images were shot on 3 different cameras. The cameras were a Nikon D810, Canon S100, Sony A7R, and Sony RX100III. There are subtle differences between the cameras but I tried to keep the images with the same style when editing for consistency purposes.



1 reply on “Architectural Travels – Part 2”

The photos, I would have called the city of glass! Of course there is steel to hold all of that glass. I like the reflections of other buildings in the glass. You can see the offices inside the windows. Clouds would be the only reflection the sun can cast on the windows. There aren’t any trees that tall. It is truly a design to accommodate the many offices that are needed in this world. I am just wondering, say, in 75 years, what the buildings will look like. I hope there is more soul to them. I enjoyed.

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