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It’s All In The Distance

Shot this in Thailand looking across Pattaya Bay. You can see the city on the left and then Pratumnak Hill on the right and finally Jomtien in the distance.

I remember shooting this while I hike all the way down from Wongamat Beach back towards Pattaya. Just taking shots along the way with my camera and tripod. I was fairly new at bracketing exposures and slowly shifting away from micro 4/3 to a full frame Sony. I used the Olympus EM1 for this shoot and it was the last time the camera came out. While I didn’t sell my micro 4/3 stuff immediately I did end up selling all of it to buy my Nikon D810 and selling other bits to pickup native Sony FE lenses. Don’t really regret that choice at all.

This image is HDR which might be hard to believe. The more I use Aurora 2017 and get comfortable with it the more I am willing to use it. One of my complaints with HDR is sometimes it’s too HDR. While I enjoy the more vibrant aspects of it I don’t want stuff looking like it was tossed into a nuclear waste facility. Not everything needs to glow. HDR is all about what your eyes can see visually that a camera can’t. Whole reason you bracket an image to get the full spectrum. Full spectrum doesn’t mean colors that look super unnatural.

Processed in HDR then run through some stuff in Photoshop and called it done. Rather happy with the soft and dreamy look.


It's All In The Distance

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The photo of the city across the bay has a very modern look to it. The sky looks like dark is starting to set in for the day. The water is a little choppy and there is some boats out and about. I enjoyed.

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