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Temple Through The Jungle

I indicated yesterday I was playing with the archives even though I am sitting on a thousand plus new images. As I have mastered various techniques and software I just feel the need to address some of the stuff I did before (not sure if I published this one or not).

This is the Sanctuary of Truth in Thailand. It’s not really a temple at all. It’s a handcarved tourist attraction that has been under construction┬ásince I first ventured to Thailand now 11 years ago. It has seen many dignitaries including Pope John Paul II visit. It’s fairly easy to get to and worth the 500 Baht price of admission. You can get a volunteer tour guide (for a donation) if you like to explain a few things to you. I did that my first trip in my subsequent visits I skipped that and did my own thing.

There are also elephant rides and horse and carriage rides as well. There are also photographers running around taking your picture with the hope of selling you some after your visit. I can maybe attest to buying a commemorative plate on my first visit. Now they look at my gear and don’t approach.

Editing wise I just used Aurora 2017 to do a simple 3 bracket HDR. Once it was in there I just used various layer masks to get the image to where I wanted it. The more I use Aurora 2017 the less I use presets and just do the HDR myself. I know what I want and go with that.

Once I was happy it was into Photoshop. The one thing I don’t like about Aurora 2017 is that you can’t do hue/saturation adjustments on the level of Photoshop. The trees are still a bit nuclear but no where near what they were. I did a wee bit of dodging and burning and called it a day.


Temple Through The Jungle

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The Temple through the Jungle is a work of art. It may not be a real temple but the building of such a structure is a work of art. They are like our great Cathedrals that are masterpieces. These Temples seem to be built in very rural areas. I enjoyed.

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