Family Day Out

I shot this while I was hiking on the C&O Canal along Great Falls on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.

I had to take this picture quickly. I had seen the family when I was shooting other stuff and I really just liked the light that was coming off the river. I know they spoke Russian or one of the Slavic languages from that region because I recognized the sound.┬áNormally I don’t shoot small children because some parents get upset. I would have asked to take the image but then it becomes posed and you lose that spontaneity. So sitting at a distance I snapped it. Rather pleased with how it came out.

Still playing with the new workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop but it has made editing much easier. I really wanted this image to feel warmer so I shifted it towards the reds and yellow channels. I added my curve and then just did a bit of dodging and burning to get some localized adjustments. Even then it’s not a lot. My entire goal was to draw your eyes towards the family and water.



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  1. Family Day out is a very nice photo. You enlarge the photo and it is just a wonderful day for this family to be exploring in nature. Wish I was there.

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