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Gone Fishing

This one is from the archives and I published it before. You can see the original here. I was in my HDR everything phase and it showed. The image was crap.

I was digging around for some other images for Instagram to publish there and I came across this one again. With me traveling to Florida where I took this image I might as well republish it. This time I did not HDR it to death in some attempt to prove I could merge 7 images together regardless of the outcome.

Editing wise the first thing I did was color correct the image. The colors are accurate where the original was a muddy mess. I did the usual curves adjustments and then local dodging and burning as needed. Just ignore the part where I maybe dodged a wee bit too much around the man. I’ll blame that on me not calibrating my monitor until after the image was done. Too


Gone Fishing


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I like Gone Fishing. This is a serious fishing person. He has a plan. Set his three poles ready for a big one. He is on the Gulf and out of the hot sun. I hope he had good luck. It is a common sight along the Gulf. I like to fish as well. I enjoyed Gone Fishing.

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