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Light Up Fall

I shot this in some small park in Baltimore when I was playing with my Sony RX10. The perspective is a bit weird but I wanted the focus on the light and the colors of the tree above it.

I have been amazed at what I have been able to achieve with the Sony RX10. While I have the first version which means it doesn’t do 4K video I doubt the sensor has changed that much between the I and the III. Similar to the Sony RX100. There is no compelling reason for me to move from the III to the IV or V. I’m not a video guy but I am slowly making the shift towards that direction. My one complaint about the camera is that chromatic aberration is bad. It’s easily fixed but still something you have to be aware of.

Editing wise I did this low key even though it doesn’t look like it. Normally when I add my curves adjustment I move to Lab Mode so it doesn’t affect the color tones. This time I wants those tones to be vibrant so stayed in RGB (standard in Photoshop). I put in a shadows curve first then added a second curves adjustment to adjust the highlights. Then just some local dodging and burning and called it done.


Light Up Fall


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I like the photo. It reflects the Autumn tree canopy over the land. Not much cover since the leaves are falling and the tree will rest for the winter and return in the Spring most beautiful. The sky does not reflect as much sun as in the summer and it looks as if it may have been a bit cloudy. The street Lamp will lighten the path of the shopper and the workers heading home. I do love the Autumn colors of the leaves. I enjoyed.

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