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World Within A World

This the Bean thing in Chicago. It’s really called Cloud Gate and it’s located in Millennium Park in downtown. If you are near Michigan Ave and Wacker Ave. it’s an easy walk.

I have published a similar image before. I really did this because I wanted to play with HDR and test Aurora 2017 and doing layers with it. So not my finest work in life but it did what I needed.

I have had Aurora 2017 for some time. I just haven’t been in the HDR mood. Of the the reasons is the stupid halos you get when you do HDR around items with sky. There is ways to combat it but it’s tedious and time consuming. The other thing is Aurora 2017 wants you to drag straight from Lightroom into the program and start having it. The problem is that it will ignore all your corrections which really pisses me off. I have custom camera profiles for all my cameras. This has fixed a lot of issues with color and perspective. Aurora 2017 ignoring this has caused problems. What the hell is the point of getting accurate camera info if the program ignores it?

To fix this I just did a single image edit. I applied all my profile adjustment then did my usual adjustments in Lightroom involving gradients and so on. I use Photoshop to put in contrast and so on. When I was done I just took the image into Photoshop and then selected Aurora 2017 as a filter and went to work.

I just kept making layers and masking in within the program. Each layer was working on a specific item within the image. I want the bean thing to the focal point so I did the most HDR in there. Then I did the sky and masked that bit in. Then did a bit of lightening and masked that in. Hit apply and back into Photoshop for local dodge and burn and some desaturation.

This was a quick and dirty edit and nothing fantastic but it’s a fun photo. I could have done it normal but I think the whimsical nature of it already made it a candidate for a test.


World Within A World

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I have the first set of photos from Chicago and this “bubble” Cloud Gate is incredible. This photo reminds me of the “snow” globes. This is a very different one, not a castle, etc is actually part of Chicago business district with the tall building with no great architecture. The Cloud Gate, as the photographer has captured, the buildings seem to be waving in the wind. I enjoyed and have a copy of the waving buildings!

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